Personal Development


Many people assume that they know what they want to do ‘when they grow up’.

A poet,  teacher, doctor, maybe a lawyer? A steady office job with a 9 to 5 time clock.

I thought the same thing. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do until I started doing it.

I found out this profound lesson – I knew nothing.

Here’s the bottom line… filing papers is boring, crafting letters, running reports… it’s all very mundane.

I realized that I was operating half the time on auto pilot. I wasn’t reallythinking as I worked.

The birth of this website and this craft came out of that same boredom, the desire to chase our dreams, knowing that what we were doing at our ‘day jobs’ just wasn’t cutting it. We later started our thumbtack site as well doing side writing jobs to gain momentum. As I started doing these ‘side jobs’, I realized how much I truly loved it. It’s helping people, it’s convincing people that you can and should be trusted with their work and their businesses.

As I talked to my new clients on the phone, something really special occurred, with each of those new-found relationships. Purpose.


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