Personal Development

Dealing with Baggage

Have you ever met someone, and there was just something seriously “off-putting” about them? For instance, the moment their voice enters the conversation or they start to interject, you can just feel a heavy weight over you? I’ve always been a little leery of these types of people; maybe even afraid.  Whatever the feeling, I’ve always tried to avoid this type of person, mostly because of my upbringing.

These people seem to think that they have somehow been dealt a harder hand in life, maybe they have. Sometimes they’ll use some serious victim language like, “Well you don’t know what I’ve been through!”, as if we haven’t been through anything challenging in our own lives. I realized, over time, that this victim mentality, is actually a type of narcissism. If I’m going to project on another person that my life is harder than theirs without even knowing their “baggage”, I’m drawing all the attention then to myself, yet again.

I think that’s the main objective of these negative, hurting/bleeding people. The goal is to get the attention they maybe didn’t receive or receive in the right way. If they can cause their children, co-workers, and family members to “feel sorry” then somehow they’ve got some sense of control, control over our emotions.

Lesson is: make every effort to surround yourself with the most positive and uplifting people, they are truly the healthiest of us all. Those who leak their toxic hurt on us, they aren’t worth our attention and truthfully, need more help then we could ever provide.


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