Creating Order

Chaos. To me it is the feeling of being out of control, of having no direction, or a sense of perpetual confusion. Some people seem to almost enjoy the way chaos feels “on them” the same as many people enjoy excessive drinking or drugs. But personally, I cannot stand the sight, smell, or sound of chaos. Let me explain.

The reason that chaos really throws me off my saddle more than others has a lot to do with how I was raised. You would think it would have been more military styled for me to hate chaos but actually it was the opposite. I was raised in a home with a mentally ill parent. I won’t elaborate on that for the sake of brevity. However, it was a situation where there was so much uncertainty and confusion. There was disorder and I started to equate disorder with pain.

In my life today, I create lists for my groceries, my family, for camping excursions– you name it! It has become a huge part of my life because I see it as a protective barrier, if you will; shielding me from the pain that chaos creates.

I think professionally, we underestimate the amount of value that comes from learning some background on our staff. There are reasons why people react and do the things that they do. Now, they still may be wrong and need to work through some issues but I think it really should be sought to be understood. I sometimes wonder what the professional world would be like if we started offering professional counseling as a benefit. I think the results would provide dividends larger than we could ever begin to realize.


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