Personal Development

Team Cohesion

We live in a world with a bunch of different people, with different cultural background and personal baggage. But somehow when we get dressed up in our suits and ties, we think that somehow by “putting the lipstick on the pig” that all our problems and the problems of those we work with magically “disappear”. This is truly amazing to me and didn’t down on my until I had worked in several different positions and realized just how much “covering up” we really try to do with our day to day tasks.

I had started to notice that certain situations really “triggered” either a response from me or my coworkers in a positive or negative manner based on past experiences. I noticed that everyone has different levels of aggressive in the office versus the passive employee who will avoid confrontation at all costs. When you try to get any team to work together, you need to consistently be building a cohesive unit. If everyone isn’t working together or secretly has mistrust in their spirits regarding other coworkers, it’s not going to be a single lined formation or have any semblance of cohesion.

My favorite supervisor of all time was a guy a who managed the division of a call center I worked in. I started thinking about this “team” idea, the cohesion that needs to take place to make that functional. His style came straight to my mind. He would walk down the aisles of our cubicles and pass by our desks saying, ” Hey buddy, I need you to switch gears and work on this assignment for me okay? Let me know if you have any questions; I’ll need it down by 10 p.m. tonight,” as he would hand us the instruction sheet for our assignment. When it was time to leave at night and other management assignments weren’t yet done, he would take the brunt of it by staying late, but never taking it out on the employees. I think about how he built cohesion on the team by being a true leader, by effectively communicating what was required and then relying that to us. That’s what brings teams together, from the top down.


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