Personal Development

Overcoming Anxiety

Many people have watched the TV program, Monk, where detective Adrian, solves crimes by using his OCD and anxieties. For instance, he would wouldn’t touch door handles without a wipe and had to have a nurse car for him while he would run his errands. But somehow, his sensitivities and high attention to detail would pick up on something that the other cops would miss. Thus, he was the acclaimed hero who would jump in and solve the case, time after time.

What was so great about the show was that the character of Adrian Monk was very relatable. Now most of us who have some level of anxiety don’t run around with signs as obvious but we all do have a little bit of “Monk” in us. His issues were all triggered by the horrible and unsolved crime that resulted in the death of his beloved wife, Trudy. This event shook him so much so that he became almost paralyzed by fear and overcome with grief. This is the part about anxiety that a lot of those who don’t suffer, don’t understand. You are anxious for a reason. Whether it was because of a death of a loved one, a traumatic experience like a car wreck, or an abusive situation as a child, there is a reason.

What I’ve found helpful personally, was 1. seeking professional therapy but 2. doing a lot of self talk throughout the day. Now by self talk I don’t mean oddly speaking to yourself when others are present. But to take the time to reassure yourself. Since anxiety is brought on by fear, the best way to deescalate that fear is to talk to yourself in a calm and soothing manner. And number 3. is to take some time to love yourself and to love the progress you make, no matter how small. Anxiety is recoverable, we all go through some really hard things in life. But we can all recover.


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