Personal Development

You Are First

I think for a lot of us who feel we need to take on the world, the type A choleric personalities, it’s very hard to relax or to put ourselves first. For starters, putting yourself first has such a negative connotation, doesn’t it? We’ve all experienced this at work or home, where it’s expected that we complete A, B, and C for someone, regardless of whether they could complete it themselves, and suddenly we are wrapped up in their mess and now our own! It happens all too often.

So why does this matter? Why do I need to put myself first, you ask? Because it is your greatest asset to the world. Yup, it’s true. Think about it, when you are calm, relaxed and enjoying life aren’t you a better husband/wife, student, co-worker, boss/employee? Really, are you better at handling life’s day to day demands and changes when you are frustrated, hungry, tired, worn out, irritated? Of course not!

It took me a long time to realized that taking care of yourself isn’t just a luxury–it’s a necessity. Your body, mind and spirit work better when you take care of each part, daily. Our bodies are living beings and we need to be constantly giving it the attention it needs. Think of a plant that isn’t watered. Well that plant may be okay for a day or two but eventually it will wither. Our bodies and minds are the same way. By putting ourselves first, we can best serve others and live out the purposes we are intended for, with zeal and life.


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