Self Help

How Being Organized Helps Us

I think organization is one of those things that most people either inherently have, meaning their brains tend to like order and processes, or you are more of a free spirit type person. One isn’t better than the other but there are some things that the free spirit can learn from the organized mind.

1. Order relaxes us. t really does. When my home is in order and I have a good bearing on my day and what needs to get done, I feel better and I get more accomplished.

There is so much wasted energy in disorganization.

2. Being organized doesn’t mean you can’t be creative.

The two can coexist, I swear! Even though it seems like the two are polar opposites, they aren’t. Some of my most creative ideas revolve around organizing a closet, or finding a new use for some shelves that I cleaned out of the attic.

3. Organization shows us where there may be problems.

Not all times, but in many cases, if a home or space is consistently in disarray, it can lead insights into how an office space or home is being operated. Now I’m not saying all messy desks mean you’re a poor worker or an unkempt house means your a bad homemaker.

But many times, disorder can show that something isn’t being tended to, something is being neglected. It’s a ramification of a bigger issue.

So no matter the benefit of getting more organized or your reason for not being that way, it really will make you feel better and bring clarity to other areas of your life. Trust me.


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