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Work-Life Balance Solution for Women: The Very Real Struggle

When I found out I was pregnant with our first child, I was in shock, over-joyed and a little concerned. How exactly, would I get off the “tread mill” of life and take care of a baby and a full time career? This has been conversation for many women for a long time, and does affect men as well. But I think there’s a special amount of panic for women as we are the primary care-takers of infants– by biology’s design.

So I did what any other woman would do when she’s unnecessarily frazzled–I talked to my mom. “Mom you don’t understand. Childcare will cost about $1000 a month, and that’s if I don’t have twins! You know twins run in our family…” Now granted, the baby is the size of an orange seed but already, my mind raced toward the worst possible outcomes. How do I pay for all of this? How do I mention this to my boss and co-workers? What if my job doesn’t feel the same when I get back from my maternity leave? The questions I had were endless.

I think so many women feel like they are being pulled, literally, in two different directions. Their mind pulls one way and their hearts to the other. With modern technology, I think that there is and will be more mom-preneurs. Any why shouldn’t there be? This is the perfect solution for women to be autonomous and to create the life they envision. No longer are they tugged into different directions. Once, as women, we get a grip on the power we have within us and available to us, I think the landscape of our jobs will change, and with it, a better solution for our families who need us.


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