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Everyone is a Seller

I was cleaning up the cloud of spaghetti sauce off of my black fitted apron as I threw away another dirty dish into the buckets at the end of the booth.

“I need table 7!” I yelled into the wild kitchen, aromas filling my nostrils.  I continued bustling along in my black blouse, slacks, and Mary Jane’s, pony tail in tow. Every seventeen year old knows that powerful feeling, the one where you just got promoted from “hostess” to “waitress”. It’s all in the apron.

As I moved along with my tables I noticed one of my fellow waitress workers, a veteran but very young, maybe in her late 20’s seemed  to be talking to certain people all the time. These people came in regularly at a certain time at night and ordered the most lavish meals an Italian eatery could offer. She combed her hair to bob in the back, dirty blonde tendrils loosely held back. Her mascara was freshly done and her earrings dangled down her neck. She looked confident, attractive. What I remember most about her is that she could SELL!

The wine would be flowing, the Sea Bass eaten, the pasta al dente, but most of all how that veteran waitress had a way with connecting with the people, making them feel like they weren’t in Upstate New York, but Venice, Italy. And I took notes, I learned from this waitress. At first I thought it was just a gift she possessed and, in some ways, that’s correct. But it can also be learned.

Taking an interest in people, listening, acting and dressing in an attractive manner, really draws people in. Now, some people are naturals at this, they naturally sell. It took me a while, and creating Digital Women CJS to really find out that selling is an attitude and it’s all about what you can do for someone else. It’s conveying a feeling that I care about you and here’s why my service is the best– because it’s the best for YOU- my client. Once I honed in on this lesson in personal development, the angels came out and sang the hallelujah chorus. It was so awesome to know that I was absolutely able to engage clients, to relate to them and to present in an attractive manner. As long as you believe in your product or service, you can sell just about anything.


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