Do you ever notice, that when something is really bugging you or working on your mind, you tend to focus 100% energy toward that “thing”? It could be financially related, or a problem at work, or a big family transition, whatever it is. And in your desire to bring about the outcome YOU desire, or think will be best, you end up unnecessarily stressing yourself out?

If that’s you, you’re so much like me. I tend to think that worrying or over-analyzing a situation will somehow make what I want happen, as if I can figure everything out. But I can’t, and you can’t either. When we surrender the “I can’t” and stop trying to make things happen, I’ve noticed that life tends to ebb and flow in it’s natural direction. Things work out without my interference or control. When I give up, that’s usually when I see the best progress. 

So today, stop controlling or manipulating. The world is far too big for you and you can’t make life do what you want, you’re not the Creator. Just sit back, and enjoy what you can, instead of worrying about those things that aren’t in your control. ‪#‎letgoletGod‬ ‪#‎wednesdayworries‬ ‪#‎wednesdaywisdom‬


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