Life isn’t so hard to figure out when you’re in your routine; same family members, same date night restaurant, same address, same job… etc. Though it might seem boring at first, but you don’t realize how much perceived security is in those things. Suddenly, when you’ve moved more than you’ve stayed, and family seems to be far away or your job you thought made sense, now doesn’t, it messes with your senses. Did I do something wrong? Was there something I missed, a wrong turn? 

I know it’s something I struggled with. Going from a life of having a lot of “certains” and “knowing” to feeling like I didn’t know much at all. Starting a business, preparing for a new baby, and having a spouse job transition, what was going on? 
Sometimes the GPS doesn’t give you the next set of instructions because you don’t need to turn yet. When you’re taken on a new road and its so unfamiliar, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily wrong. Sometimes it’s a new level of learning of trust. But to those of us that like having a cheat sheet or the magic list, this is so challenging. 
So today if life’s changes feel like a pair of tight skinny jeans, you’re in good company. Great things and deep growth can come from the uncomfortable.


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