Post Labor Day, I’ve given a lot of thought about the holiday weekend itself. So many people who have that holiday off from work use that weekend to go on last minute vacations, enjoy barbecues, be with family etc. But as the cookout coals burn off, and the beaches close, you can hear the roaring grumble of those that remark, “Ehh… I got to be at work tomorrow. Better get the sleep now… ugh…”. There’s this deep dissatisfaction with work. The sense that the ever-looming “Monday”, is coming. And it’s only worse when you’ve had an extra day of freedom.
What does that say about our society, that so many individuals feel like they are going back to a “grind”? I don’t know about you, but when I use someone for a service or good, I kind of want them to like what they do. If my heart surgeon feels like he’s or she’s going to the grinding stone every day, I don’t think I want to be his patient. If my photographer hates their job, I don’t want those prints. The barista at the coffee shop who is chewing gum like it’s cud and looking at me like I’m crazy, asking “What do you want?”, I’m not sure I want your coffee…
You can actually FEEL when someone doesn’t like their work. It permeates through a company, through the culture, and gets transferred to the customer at the end of the day. Now, we all have days when we just aren’t liking our job or career because it was a bad day/bad week. But when it’s a consistent dissatisfaction, it really needs to be dealt with. Otherwise, it leaks out in so many facets that it burns the customer or client in the end.
I have decided that it’s not work that we hate. We actually love work and are made for it. When we work on a project that’s meaningful and see that it helped someone else, and we were a part of that success, we feel awesome. It doesn’t matter what industry, we just want to know what we did, what we contribute to the workplace MATTERS. And there are so many reasons why this success model doesn’t happen. It could be a leadership problem at your office, lack of growing professionally, or the wrong career fit as a whole.
Don’t dread the Mondays, the commute, the people, the building… There is a spot for you and the people that you are meant to serve, they are waiting for you. Instead of seeing Monday as a grind, see it as a new way to use your skills to help others. Because someone out there needs what you have to provide. The way you do something, the way you use your talent in the marketplace, it’s like your workplace fingerprint, because no one can bring it exactly like you do.
So find that thing you’re meant to serve others with and do it well, and uniquely you. It’s only something YOU can do.
#workthatmatters #doover #start #jonacuff #womenwhowork.

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