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Lessons From Megyn Kelly’s Career

I know, I know… but hear me out–there IS a lesson here. Whether you love her or absolutely abhor her, Megyn Kelly has certainly been in the public eye a lot lately for her new show on NBC Today. And to be honest, I did enjoy watching her from time to time on her show, The Kelly File. But lately, NBC seems to be pushing her show with fighting fury and the viewers know it. It feels forced, phony, and fake–much like an ex-boyfriend.

As I watched her on the couch with the other Today women and on the Hoda and Kathi Lee show, it was just so terribly awkward. You could tell she was completely out of her element. I’m not denying her talent, but you could tell where she’s been placed is not where she belongs. And the odd part is that she keeps saying on TV, “This is where I belong. What I was meant to do.” But all the while, we aren’t fooled. How do you take a bold, confident, attractive, lawyer/journalist and turn them into the next Oprah Winfrey or Diane Sayer? I’d argue that you simply can’t. And I truly believe that on live television, there simply is nowhere to hide your true feelings or self.

I say all that not to talk negative of Megyn Kelly. I wish her success as I would anyone trying something new. But how many of us have ever tried to be or do something that just wasn’t us? A relationship, a job, a career, a major in college, a friendship…? We tried something different because we thought it might make someone else happy, we were dishonest with our own thoughts and desires, or we thought we might get more approval from others? Just as I believe Megyn is being untrue to herself and “trying” to like daytime television, I think we all should too examine our own lives. We may not be on live television everyday where the world can point out our flaws and strengths. But when we take the time to be honest with ourselves, I think we can all admit that we try on hats not meant for us.

When Megyn was behind her desk on The Kelly File, questioning others and learning the facts, she lit up her stage. But with the Today crowd, trying to be “likeable”, it’s not true to her or her talents. And if we don’t own our own “Kelly Files” and instead try to be the new Today star, we too will feel disingenuous. It’s okay to be a square or a circle. We need all types, all talents. You waste your own talent and stardom when you neglect it and try on the hats that aren’t yours. Use your own artistry, bring your own flavor. Because the world needs your version, exactly the way YOU do it.

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