When Change Is Bittersweet

The leaves are falling, the air has a new crispness, a slight chill. Children head back to their school routines, soccer fields span wide with activity. The smells of pumpkin spice and apple cider fill our noses with their sweet, yet nostalgic scents. If you’d ask me my favorite season I’d reply with fall.

When fall comes, we realize that summer is over, ready or not. It doesn’t come upon us at full force, it lovingly guides us through the new change, the new season.

It reminds us that things in life, rarely stay the same. What’s your “summer”? For me, it was new motherhood, now it’s watching my baby grow to a little boy. I find myself always in a bind of wanting to see who my baby will grow to be but then also wanting him never to change. Our summers don’t last. Children must grow, families must change, fall must come.

Even though fall is a bittersweet reminder, it’s the beauty of it that makes it more palatable. When I get down about change, I think of all the good that will come too. A new home means new memories. A college graduation means a new future. A grown boy means an amazing grown man one day.

Your summers should be sacred and your fall a reminder to treasure them and the process of change. Take in all the moments, when they’re babies. But also remind yourself fall is coming but it can be just as sweet and yet, nostalgic.


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