This week, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary. We are also celebrating our happy healthy baby and new family. It may seem little but we are super proud of it. It’s been a rough four years. No one tells you when you’re first setting out about how hard it is, how you will not take off into the sunset in a carriage with unlimited resources.

They don’t tell you you’ll struggle after college, that a good job isn’t guaranteed– despite what your “advisor” told you. They don’t say that there are days you won’t “feel” love. They don’t mention that your spouse might end up in a trauma unit, even if he’s perfectly fit. They don’t mention that miscarriages happen to healthy young women. They don’t mention your baby might die in labor, even though your pregnancy was stellar. They don’t mention the bills are real– they come every month and can pile up– especially after a job loss or change.

But they also don’t mention this. When you’ve had a horrible delivery, but you watch your husband hold your son for the first time–decked out in a surgeon cap. They don’t mention how happy you’ll be when you watch your baby sleep or hear him snore. They don’t mention how you’ll hold a new bond–the three of you, and how much love you’ll have. Or even the amazing adventures you’ll go on together, despite life’s imperfections.

Somehow, because of the roughness and the growing pains, these fleeting moments are precious.



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