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My Top Three Mom Indulgences

Let’s face it. Being a mom is a tough job, it’s rough work. It’s errands, appointments, blow-out diapers, yoga pants… it’s madness. And in order to stay sane during this beautifully messy journey, we need to take time out for ourselves. It’s so important that we don’t forget or “lose” ourselves in the process of raising great families. So if you want some help on some ways to decompress, keep reading.

  1. Use your quiet moments for you. That may mean laundry will sit, toilet bowls won’t get scrubbed, etc. But use some of the time you have left, for you and your own sanity. Let your mind unwind and escape the pressures of the bills, the calls, the cooking. Make it about you. This could mean a warm bath, painting your nails, or reading your favorite book with a warm beverage. This is your time to refill your cup.
  2. Don’t forget your girlfriends. In the world of motherhood and wifehood, your girlfriends are probably your best escape and relief. They understand what you’re going through and they know you. They can relate and laugh right along. In the busyness of motherhood, I found myself isolating from my friends but I realized how wrong that was. So phone a friend–laugh a bit and talk about the stressful parts, the blow-out diaper, the formula you forgot. It’ll be so good for you.
  3. Enjoy a good walk. Getting those endorphins flowing, and getting the fresh air is so great for you. I know sometimes I’ll feel super tense before walking and then once I start, I feel far less stressed. I like listening to music or podcasts on my phone as I walk. An arm band can be real helpful while walking with the stroller. As a mom, we always have way too many things to juggle and it makes it easier.

Whatever way you do it, take the time out for you. Eat a dough-nut, have some ice cream,  take the walk. And don’t forget your girlfriends and your non-mom relationships. They’ll keep you grounded, sane, and laughing.


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