Fun, New Motherhood


1. There’s never a time where I don’t want coffee or am in pursuit of getting it.
2. I really wish that I could trade my lunch hour for a “nap hour”.
3. I now pack a change of clothes for me and my baby. One word “blowout”.
4. I really used to enjoy weekends, but now they have more of a work element to them… i.e. babies and laundry.
5. Sometimes I wish I had my husband’s job… at home.
6. I think if we had childcare centers at our jobs, this morning drop-off deal would be wayyyy easier.
7. There have been mornings where I use baby wipes for just about anything, spills, make-up removal, coffee stains.
8. I cannot drive past any farm without seriously questioning if the smell is from my car’s backseat or the farm.
9. I sometimes question if I’m doing the right thing, being at work.
10. I ā¤ my little man.

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