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How To Find Your Strength Again

The phrases, “Thank God it’s Friday” or “Oh, God, it’s Monday” seem to plague us now more than ever. Even as working moms, sometimes we can lose sight of living and go instantly into survival mode — as if it’s the same as “living”. But truth is, it’s not. And I think that having great energy and a sense of purpose or vision, go hand-in-hand.

Here are some tips that have helped me to maintain my energy and my sanity.

Have a vision.

Have you ever thought about how you want your life to turn out? Sometimes we act like nothing in life is in our control, and then our life truly ends up looking “out of control”. And while we aren’t God and don’t have all the power, there is something that is up to us. Our lives are what we make them. So have a plan, think about where you want to be in ten years, twenty years. What’s the end goal? To build a family? To further your career or education? To build an orphanage in South Africa? Whatever the goal is, start your days with that end goal in mind. It’ll give you vision on tough days when the laundry is overpowering and the children are screaming.

Take care of your body.

No one wants to do it. Everyone wants to eat all the junk and sit on the couch but still have tons of energy and a six-pack. Unfortunately, if you want the energy, you’ll have to work for it. Find the pieces in your day where you can take a walk, take the stairs at work or push the stroller around. You get one body, there is only so much replacing a doctor can do. The more you move, the more you take care of yourself and put good nourishment into your body, the longer you’ll be able to keep up that pace. Click here, if you’d like to read more about losing the baby weight. I know that I can get into a bad mood, get more headaches, or just feel lousy when I don’t get proper nutrition and exercise. You’re important — act like it.

Take time-outs. 

You’re not meant to do it all. I’ll schedule in some down-time in my week. This is a time to paint your nails, read a book, enjoy a chat with a friend. It’s imperative to refresh your soul as well as your body. It seems crazy at first, but these quiet times have become the thing that recharges me most. You cannot pour from an empty cup — take time to refill yours.

It’s knowing where I want to ultimately end up, that helps me determine my everyday plans. I know where I want to be in my family, in my career, and health respectively. If you haven’t sat down and had a meeting with yourself, do it. It’s not about perfection or scheduling your whole life. But good things don’t happen by accident. Raising good children, excelling professionally, and loving your spouse, they are a series of choices.

The dreams and desires I have for the future, determine my decisions for today. And so can yours.

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