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Why I am Grateful

There was a time in my life where I felt very envious of those I’d worked with or those I’d see online. I’d see someone who got a free ride to college, kids whose parents were still married, or someone who didn’t share my struggles. Since it looked like their life was so much easier, I started to resent them — even if I didn’t really know them.


And I was miserable. I was miserable because I was constantly comparing, constantly wishing for more, and constantly feeling like I was going to have a subpar life.


But one day, I realized how miserable I’d really felt. And I had this realization that God had truly blessed me and my family. So even though I was going through a tough time, I decided to be grateful. It was a tough decision but a choice nonetheless. I chose on purpose to be grateful for whatever I could find.

My health.
My family.
My close friends.
My work.
My warm bed and food in the fridge.
My education.


When I started doing this, something amazing happened. As I became more grateful, I became more joyful. It started to become infectious and changed me. As time went on, and I thanked God for the simple things, I found more came my way. When I had complained before, I was miserable and it seemed less good came my way. But as proclaimed what I was thankful for and had a new attitude of gratitude, the more blessings flowed.


As we enter the holiday season, make a decision to be grateful. Even when it hurts to breathe, when it’s hard to see the good, do it. You’ll be amazed at how it’ll change you and your life.

#grateful #blessedlife #loveyourlifenottheirs

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