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My Biggest Pet-Peeve: “Mom Brain”

Here it is everyone… One of my most detested phrases of all time.

“Don’t worry, Betty. You just have “mom brain.”


Let me explain why that makes me super annoyed, and probably may annoy you too. Let’s face it, before becoming a mom, no one really understands or appreciates just how much they do. It’s not until you wake up at 3 a.m. with a screaming child that you really understand “motherhood”.


Yet those who use the term “mom brain” are usually not mothers at all, not even close.


For those who don’t know what moms do, let me just explain what happens in their brains, all day long. You know how the credits play at the end of a movie? Well imagine that happening in your head. all. day. long. Yup — that’s what happens for us mothers. It’s a litany of lists that never ends. Only there’s no fun music in the background.


Odds are, that every single day, a mother is doing the following:

-working full-time outside the home
-picking up and dropping off children
-driving home with a screaming child
-wiping butts that aren’t her own
-calling the insurance company
-cooking meals
-assuring Verizon wireless that the bill was sent
-calling spectrum to reset the modem
-emailing her colleagues
-laundry…laundry…more laundry…

And … so much more.


If any other “non-mom” human was responsible for the amount of things that moms have in their charge, they’d be given an award. No other person is required or expected to “have it all together”. But somehow moms are… because they term “mom brain” exists.


So maybe next time you hear the term, you’ll understand why these ladies deserve something better. They do more than anyone else and outwork even the best of employees.


Moms are superheros, rock-stars, and they deserve way more slack than is given.

Who’s with me?

#nomombrain #momsrock

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