Grateful, Struggle

When “Grateful” Feels Hard

Thanksgiving just happened. Turkeys were stuffed, mashed potatoes eaten, and pies were exchanged. It’s the time of year where we list off why we’re grateful. And our hearts are supposed to be full of gratitude. And they are… for the most part.

I think it’s safe to say that some of us are lying. While we are grateful, we have a part of us that is maybe a little upset. We’re upset that maybe there’s a part of life that’s tough for us or something our family has been going through for years. There’s an illness, a loss, or maybe even a financial setback.

I think while it’s important to focus on the blessings and all that is good, I think maybe 10% of our time can just be honest. We should share with family and friends our struggles and hardships. It’s okay to not like a part of life or to feel like you’re all alone. It’s okay to feel less than “Thanksgiving Happy” about something. I think that’s more honest.

I am grateful. And we should all live in a way where we see our blessings before our troubles. But it’s unfair to think that gratefulness cancels out our pain or our problems. I think being grateful is what helps us keep our troubles in perspective. It keeps us grounded and strong.

So this year, count your many blessings. But while doing so, don’t be afraid to be honest.


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