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Hi Moms! This is NOT another article to tell you what to buy for your baby. I’ve got one here if you need it. No. This article is all about helping YOU. Because, let’s face it. Once you’ve had the baby, you kinda get forgotten by everyone, including yourself.

So this is all. about. you! 🙂

Comfy Shoes. You’ll need them. You’ll be pushing a stroller, shopping for groceries, and running countless errands. You need something comfy on your feet. Treat those sweet feet! And remember, you might be up a shoe size post-partum.

Bathrobe. I basically LIVED in this after I had my son. You’re breastfeeding, pumping, or just plain too tired. You want to be comfy and be able to feed your baby easily when you first come back home from the hospital. It’s all about comfort and rest right now. So get that nice fuzzy, extra large, plush, bathrobe.

Comfy Pants. Having comfortable sweatpants are crucial during the recovery stage. Getting into jeans for me right away wasn’t going to happen, especially after a C-section where my mid-section really needed to heal. This is the time for comfort and feeling better. You need sweatpants — snag yourself a pair.

Great Coffee Pot. You’re not going to sleep a lot — at least not for a few months. Your baby requires constant feedings the first few months until their stomach’s enlarge. You’ll need to listen to the cliche, “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” When that’s not enough, drink some coffee. It’ll warm you up in the mornings and make you feel more sane. When the days get hard, it’s nice to phone a fellow mom friend and chat over a cup.

Don’t forget yourselves, moms. Don’t be a martyr. Make yourself a priority every day. It will make you feel better and bring a new sense of peace and comfort to your new little home.

It’s all about you right now.


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