About Me

Hello there! I’m Christina Bennett, wife of Greg and a new mom to the cutest little baby of 9 months, Chase. I’m passionate about my family, my quiet times, and my faith. There’s nothing more important than that.22154564_1829143280729044_2681881672976213367_n

Currently, I’m a new mom working full-time in the New York State Legislature. I am slowly learning how balance my family and my work-life while still keeping my sanity. Lately, I noticed how many more moms are online and using their voice. They are creating blogs, videos, content but mostly, a community. And as another mom, who doesn’t have it all together, who is slowly learning how to do this, I want to add my voice, to help moms.

A little about my background, how I got HERE:

I went to college for English and thought I would lead a life being a professor, writing and teaching, enjoying all that scholarly introverts like… wrong again. So I tried to enter the financial world and try my hands at learning insurance and investments. I came up empty yet again. My passion is writing and working for the legislature does that. But I also want to be an added support for new moms, especially new working moms (outside the home, because at home it’s JOB too). Because I realized how there was a lack of support for the mom who’s new with maybe not as many kids, hasn’t been down this road, and is struggling. I got you. 😉

What I enjoy:

When I’m not blogging or working, I enjoy buffalo chicken wings, all things fall, and taking trips exploring new places. My favorite moments of the day are when I get some quiet time at night with a hot cup of tea and a book to curl up reading. I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I am working on enjoying the simple things in life.