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Hi Moms! This is NOT another article to tell you what to buy for your baby. I’ve got one here if you need it. No. This article is all about helping YOU. Because, let’s face it. Once you’ve had the baby, you kinda get forgotten by everyone, including yourself.

So this is all. about. you! 🙂

Comfy Shoes. You’ll need them. You’ll be pushing a stroller, shopping for groceries, and running countless errands. You need something comfy on your feet. Treat those sweet feet! And remember, you might be up a shoe size post-partum.

Bathrobe. I basically LIVED in this after I had my son. You’re breastfeeding, pumping, or just plain too tired. You want to be comfy and be able to feed your baby easily when you first come back home from the hospital. It’s all about comfort and rest right now. So get that nice fuzzy, extra large, plush, bathrobe.

Comfy Pants. Having comfortable sweatpants are crucial during the recovery stage. Getting into jeans for me right away wasn’t going to happen, especially after a C-section where my mid-section really needed to heal. This is the time for comfort and feeling better. You need sweatpants — snag yourself a pair.

Great Coffee Pot. You’re not going to sleep a lot — at least not for a few months. Your baby requires constant feedings the first few months until their stomach’s enlarge. You’ll need to listen to the cliche, “Sleep when your baby sleeps.” When that’s not enough, drink some coffee. It’ll warm you up in the mornings and make you feel more sane. When the days get hard, it’s nice to phone a fellow mom friend and chat over a cup.

Don’t forget yourselves, moms. Don’t be a martyr. Make yourself a priority every day. It will make you feel better and bring a new sense of peace and comfort to your new little home.

It’s all about you right now.


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What to buy for a Newborn? Halp!?

Hello mamas and soon to be mamas. I’ll tell you what, I was super lost when I was about to have my baby. I had no clue as to what I really needed versus what Babys’Rus and BuyBuy Baby wanted me to have. Clueless I tell you! But I’m here now to give a fair warning to all you friends now as to what I think you actually need.

  1. Crib: Some choose to do a bassinet. We felt it was a waste. We did use a napper seat that vibrated for our baby to sleep in the first 3 months when he was really little, and then transitioned to the crib directly.
  2. Baby Video Monitor: Make your life easier. It’s so much easier when you can SEE them not just HEAR them. Babies are nosey. Especially in their sleep. Get the video monitor — no wifi needed either, just the regular vanilla video.
  3. Clothing: That’s fairly obvious. Depending on your baby’s size, which you really won’t know until he/she is born, get some newborn outfits but mostly 3 months and 6 months clothing. Those little suckers grow quickly and you’ll want all the next sizes now so you won’t be leaving the house during pumping sessions and nap times.
  4. Burp clothes: You’ll need quite a few of these. They’ll kind of become like a decor piece at your home, scattered everywhere. Some reflux is fairly normal in newborns and spit-ups are inevitable. So get quite a few.
  5. Newborn bottles and bottle brush: Depending on if you’ll breastfeed versus bottle-feed, this depends. But at some point you need bottles so others can feed baby. And you’ll need a brush in order to clean them out and to clean out your breast pump components. Make sure you get in all the nooks and crannies because mold can grow, I didn’t realize this. The sanitizers are pretty much pointless, don’t buy that. Just get a good bottle brush and some soap.
  6. Diaper bag and lots of diapers and wipes: Fairly simple and clear, but oh so necessary. We did pampers and felt like they hold up very well. For the wipes, we just did a generic non-sented brand. For night-time as baby gets bigger, invest in the overnight diapers, they truly are a lifesaver. Diaper pail? We had one but felt it was cumbersome and just another bag of trash to take out. We simplified and just used our main garbage for diapers since we take out the trash daily.
  7. Humidifier: We got one that doubles as a night light. This is great especially since most times you enter baby’s room it’s dark and a light can be super handy to have. This is an awesome piece to help them breath, relax, and can be act as a white noise machine.
  8. Rocking Chair/Nursing Chair: Whether you breast or bottle-feed, you will need a comfy chair to sit in in your baby’s nursery. So find something super comfy. Doesn’t have to be the ones at the baby store, La-Z-boy’s work too… 😉 Then they can be added to your living room once you’re done!
  9. Extra fitted sheets for the crib: They pee. And some days, you just don’t have time to wash the one set, you’ll need more. And don’t bother with the bumpers — they just make it harder to change the mattress and are a baby hazard.
  10. Infant Bathtub: They are tiny, and unless you can hold them and still bath them without freaking out, you’ll need an infant tub and soap. I skipped the baby towels because they aren’t any different than adult towels. Plus they grow out of them, thus making it a waste of money.

That’s all I can really think that I had to have right away. But you’ll probably get so much extra stuff from family and friends — which is awesome. Just know that a baby doesn’t warrant as much stuff as you think. 🙂